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52' (ENG, GER, FRE)
Year of Production:
English, German, French
USA, Canada
Stalin’s James Bond
52' (ENG, GER, FRE)

​This is a story about ideals, beliefs and betrayal. Richard Sorge fought against Hitler and National Socialism.

Out of conviction for the Communist cause, Richard Sorge acted as a spy in service of Stalin. The man with a German father and a Russian mother was a member of Hitler's NSDAP and was living in Japan, an ally of Nazi-Germany. In 1951 a journalist wrote that, "He had indeed betrayed his fatherland, but in favour of his motherland." And truer words have never been spoken. He was a master spy, duty-bound to the fight against Hitler - a daredevil, a womanizer and a rule breaker. Richard Sorge is not just the model for Ian Fleming's "James Bond" - he was the actual James Bond - A fact that turns this historical documentary into a cinematic thriller. His is a story about love, loyalty, trust and betrayal.

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