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2 x 52' (ENG), 5 x 30' (ENG, GER, FRE), 2 x 45' (GER)
Year of Production:
Completion Expected July 30, 2018
​English, German, French
Chicks on Boards
2 x 52' (ENG), 5 x 30' (ENG, GER, FRE), 2 x 45' (GER)

​Chicks on Boards is a cinematic journey into the universe and culture of female rebels on surfboards.

Surfing is an expression of freedom and limitlessness. But the seemingly endless freedom between the skies and the waves has clear borders on land. Surfing women are considered an insult across many cultures. Therefore, many of these women surf secretly - risking a lot for their passion. Through the artistic lens of cinematography we capture these campaigners in their elements as they claim freedom against all social odds – even if their passion is a provocation of their culture.

Treatment /Synopsis