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7 x 30'
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Alaska's Wild Gourmet
7 x 30'

In the remote corners of the Alaskan bush country are bounties unlike any other. Rugged, raw and now cooked - this is the last culinary frontier where one chef is redefining what it means to eat like a wild man. Classically trained chef Bradley Ewing is creating five-star restaurant quality meals in the most remote and wild areas of Alaska. Creating gourmet experiences is challenging in any restaurant, but add in the ever-changing Alaskan weather, foraging in the backyards of deadly animals, campfire cooking, lack of creature comforts, and dangerous bush plane flights... and you could have a recipe for disaster. Finicky clients, bi-polar weather changes, and food and supply shortages often push Bradley to the last ounce of his sanity but this creative, free-spirit always seems to deliver.