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10 x 60´
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Murder by Medic
10 x 60´

The means, methods and motivations are different from case to case in this gripping series, generating varied compelling plot twists and opening access to a wide range of real-life cast members. There’s the traumatised West Virginia Nursing Assistant who cared for elderley service veterans until deciding they no longer needed care - they needed to be dead. Her choice of weapon was insulin. There’s the Canadian Doctor who, allegedly, used the Covid outbreak in Ontario to cover up the fact that he was killing his patients - five died and were considered victims of the virus until a whistleblower stepped up to turn the Killer Doctor in. And then there is the Medic who discovered a get-rich-quick scheme - feed the opioid addictions of her patients to get them to spread the word - ‘my Doctor prescribes, no questions asked.’ Three were to die before the authorities spotted the tragic number of deaths centred on her practice. There have been so many Medics who Murder in recent years that Criminilogosts the world-over are now researching why and how many seems as if it;s been happening a lot. Using dramatic recreations, access to the families of victims, the investigators and the colleagues of killer Medics, this series will make us all do that little bit extra research on the people supposedly looking after us.

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