8 x 48
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KM Plus Media & Big Media Co-pro with RMC Production

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KM Plus Media & Big Media

Fatal Forecast
8 x 48

Remember when watching the weather forecast was a soothing alternative to the news? These days the weather forecast is the news and it feels like every other day becomes the hottest, coldest, dampest, or driest ever recorded somewhere. What should we know about major storms? How should we prepare for a world where the only thing that’s predictable, is unpredictability? This series answers some of these vital questions, with an in-depth look at the increase in major weather events, and their consequences and with our panel of experts, scientists, and meteorologists. So pack your survival gear, cause there's some extreme weather on the way, in FATAL FORECAST! We communicate via satellite and can put people on the moon, surely we can do a better job of predicting the weather? Why are some weather events still so difficult to predict? Are ‘we’ getting any better at predicting these events? What technology exists to manipulate the weather?

Treatment /Synopsis